Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Door keeper or Best man? just a proud guest clad in Ugandan outfits (Kanzu)

It is ofcourse not news that i was outstandingly smart but its worth noting that people appreciated my uniqueness though at times felt abit uncomfortable being in the guest focus...but anyway was fun!

Kissing the Bride? No just huggs!!!!!!!

Steve shares the joyous moment with the Bride(Maria)

Wedding and making new friends

Steve and Neheme´a friend from Lille France!

When the Bells Rang

Finally friends Maria and Emmanuel left the bachelors club! it was such an amazing wedding!

Sunday, 22 June 2008

Wedding Bells

This weekend of June.21.08 was a special one, spent the whole weekend in L├╝beck to send off friends Maria and Emmanuel from the Bachelors Club,clad in my Kanzu and suit i almost became a center of attention..,food served up to midnight, lots of new things learnt and exchanged contacts with lots of new friends best of all was nehemic from Lille(France)..Fotos to come soon!